Smiles The Pre-school uses a program called the “Core Knowledge Preschool
Program.”This program for 1 ½ to 6 year olds is specifically designed to provide your child with the solid foundation he or she will need for later learning in kindergarten and beyond. Smile’s Core Knowledge Pre-school Program is based on scientific research about how young children learn, as well as research into the best Pre-school practices around the world.

We are excited to offer this outstanding program to our children. This brochure will provide you with additional information about Core Knowledge. We look forward to talking to you more about “Smiles The Pre-school”

Smiles’s Core Knowledge Pre-school program at a Glance...
Movement and Coordination

Physical Attention and Relaxation
Gross Motor Skills
Eye-Hand and Eye-Foot Coordination
Group Games Creative Movement and Expression

Personal, practical and social life Skills

Sense of Self
Personal Responsibility Working in a Group Setting

Work Habits

Memory Skills
Following Directions
Task Persistence and Completion


Oral Language:
Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Finger plays, and Songs
Children’s Literature: Read Aloud and Storytelling Emerging Literacy Skills


Patterns and Classification
Numbers and Number Sense Addition and Subtraction with Concrete Object Money


Hands-on Practical experience:


Inquisition  on theme
Field  work
Project work


Exposure to eight smart intelligence:


Language smart, number smart, Spatial smart, Bodily kinesthetic smart, inter-personal smart, intra-personal smart, Music smart, nature smart


Human Characteristics, Needs and Development
Animal Characteristics, Needs and Development
Plant Characteristics, Needs and Growth Physical Elements (Water, Air, Light)

Moral Education:

Character building stories, rhymes,
Essential ethics, Sense of responsibility, And respect.

Computer education:

Computer basics, computer operations, Activities, games and worksheets


How is Smiles’s Core Knowledge Different from Other Pre-school Programs?

Core Knowledge focuses on:
• identifying specific goals in all areas of learning

• setting high expectations for all children

• teaching the specific content knowledge & skills that will allow children to be successful in     kindergarten & later grades