Dear Smiles Mates,

We are glad to present you with our first issue of news letter. This letter will be issued once in a term. We cannot believe how this one and half month has gone by. We hope we have given your child as many pleasant experiences as they have given us.
We understand that families today face many challenges. Our goal is to help relieve the stress of finding safe, loving and affordable care. We believe that the process of teaching begins with reaching a child’s heart. Children who feel safe and loved are able to learn better. Here our short and sweet journey with our kids at Smiles.

Your baby’s first step at school
June 15th was the first day for smiles as well as your kids. Parents were also invited for the
settling period. Special activities like puppet show, passing through maze, hitting balloons were
arranged to make the kids more comfortable. It was a memorable situations for parents, kids as
well as for us. (School). We could see the tension more on the parents face than the kids. We
thank all the parents who co-operated with us to make the settling period more successful. Thank
you parents.
Magic and puppet show

As we all know children are attracted to the beautiful world of magic and puppets. It is the most interesting medium for us to impart knowledge to them along with fun!
They had loads of fun on watching the magic tricks and along with puppets they recited rhymes, learned alphabets, numbers etc., It was a blast!

Fruit vendor role play
As the concept of the month was fruits we had a vegetable vendor role play. Children were asked to dress-up like fruit vendor. They were so excited to sell their fruits and get the fake rupee note given by the teachers. It was a fun learning.
Parent Partner Day
Dad’s day out: It was a great opportunity for me to have a first hand experience with the kids. Initially there was a bit of hesitation about what I have to do with kids. But when I was there it was lot of fun interacting with kids, playing games, forming train, crawling, taking them to slides, cycle, and much more. Thank you for the wonderful experience! Manish Varma
(Parent of Umang Varma.)
Play group.