Play Group At Smiles, Toddlers are Big People


Toddler’s life is marked by rapid growth in language acquisition, self-sufficiency and social skills. The Smiles Pre-school Toddler Program is designed to maximize each child's educational, social and emotional growth. Families need information and regular feedback on their child's progress. Smiles Pre-school provides for each child a detailed written Daily Report and furthermore, thrice yearly parents receive a detailed and in-depth Progress Report and parent-teacher conferences
Developmentally appropriate lessons are introduced in Smiles through Core knowledge Pre-school program. All activities are fun filled but with clear educational goals.
Emphasis is placed on exploring and playing together as toddlers begin their understanding of socially appropriate behavior.
These years are an important time for Toddlers to grow in their independence. When your child is ready, Smiles teachers will work with you to successfully potty train your toddler.
The Smiles staff is always available to help during this dynamic and exciting stage in your child's life.

Nursery Exploring the World... Preschool-Style

 Smiles Pre-school Classroom for Three Year Olds has developmentally appropriate learning activities in Core knowledge Preschool program which prepare you for success in elementary school. School readiness activities in pre-reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem solving are presented in a fun filled but purposeful manner.

The exploration of early learning continues in areas of dramatic play, science and art. Emphasis is placed on cooperative play as children practice their understanding of socially appropriate behavior.

While children are learning, Smiles Pre-schools offers a secure and loving environment with an established routine and written daily communication with families. Furthermore, thrice yearly parents receive a detailed and in-depth Progress Report and parent-teacher conferences.

L.K.G & U.K.G Ready. Set. Kindergarten!

The Smiles Preschools Kindergarten program provides a wide variety of planned activities getting the 4 to 6 year olds ready to excel in Kindergarten.

Educational activities are offered in areas of science, music, art, language and early reading and numbers and early math in our Core knowledge preschool program.

The Smiles Preschool Curriculum is designed and implemented to meet and exceed the Early Childhood Education Standards..

Children work at activities to learn the alphabet and letter sounds, to learn numbers and simple math, and to master early writing skills. Computers, loaded with educational software, are an integral part of the program.

Each child receives a written Daily Report. Furthermore, our program measures each child's development in thrice yearly written progress reports and parent-teacher conferences.

Appreciation award

Praise is the magic wand which can do wonders to a child's personality. Each child is encouraged and applauded by awarding appreciation card every month for various skills like leadership qualities, confidence, communication ability or talents like singing, dancing, and creativity and so on.

Birthday Celebration:

 Each child celebrates his B’Day with his family at smiles amidst balloons, music, games and beautiful atmosphere. A beautiful Birthday gift, a memorable card, C.D& photos of the birthday celebration in the school and a cake is gifted to each child.


Smiles celebrates all festivals with great aplomb like Lohri, Holi, Diwali , Gurupurab, Janamashtmi, Christmas etc.


All occasions like Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day, and Teacher’s Day etc. will be celebrated with zest and in true spirit.

Field trips and picnics:

Children will be taken to field trips, excursions and picnics according to the related topics in the curriculum.